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ESCO Biosafety Cabinets

$10/hr plus the cost of reagents; includes consumables & plastics

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ESCO Labculture features a 10-degree sloped front for maximum operator comfort. A 1-piece stainless steel work zone and the absence of screws or connectors in the work zone facilitate ease of cleaning after experiments. The Isocide powder coating finish prevents microbial/bacterial growth on the exterior and delivers a sleek, elegant appearance fitting for the leader in biosafety cabinet technology.


Amaxa Nucleofector

$50/hr, one hour minimum required

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The Nucleofector Device is an apparatus which delivers unique electrical parameters. The electrical parameters are different from any other commercially available electroporation device and are especially developed to facilitate DNA transport into the cell nucleus. Each electrical setting is displayed as a distinct program which has been adapted to the requirements of a particular cell type.


ABI 7900 HT Fast Real Time PCR System

$15/hr, two hour minimum required

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The 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System is the only real-time quantitative PCR System that combines 384-well plate compatibility with fully automated robotic loading--and now also offers optional Fast real-time PCR capability. Acknowledged as the gold standard in real-time PCR, the 7900HT system combined with TaqMan Genomic Assays enables you to achieve unprecedented throughput and flexibility, allowing you to pursue projects beyond the scope of previous real-time instruments.


PerkinElmer Envision Plate Reader

$32/hr, one hour minimum

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The 2104 EnVision Multilabel Reader is our state-of-the-art dual-detector model and among the fastest HTS readers in the market. The instrument includes two detectors enabling simultaneous dual wavelength reading, below emission reading, barcode readers, a high speed light source and adjustment of measurement height function.

Cellomics ArrayScan Animated Microscope


Please contact Eric O'Connor (858) 822-3244

The Thermo Scientific Cellomics ArrayScan VTI is a modular high content screening instrument designed for high-capacity automated fluorescence imaging and quantitative analysis of fixed and live cells. The instrument features optics by Carl Zeiss, broad spectrum white-light source, 12-bit cooled CCD camera, and integrated acquisition and analysis software.

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