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Getting Started

If you are a new user contact Eric O'Connor, Christine Domingo, Karl Marquez or any current staff member or student worker. For FACS service scontact Eric O'Connor.

New users, please go to the scheduler and make a request to be a new user, selecting your PI's name. If you do not see your PI's name, please contact Christine Domingo.

Please tell Christine:

  • What equipment and services you are interested in
  • Whether you need an orientation to the core facility, and the index you will use to recharge equipment and reagents

All researchers intending to use human embryonic stem cells should refer to the ESCRO Website. Principal Investigators are responsible for all aspects of the conduct of research, including obtaining the necessary approvals. The IRB portal is use to submit your project for ESCRO and all other HRPP approvals. The requirements for approval will vary for each the project (e.g., everyone currently needs ESCRO, IRB, and EH&S, but only some researchers will need IACUC). All needed approvals must be on file before lab work may begin. Lab users must be trained before lab work may be performed. Approvals are already in place for technical training. For training purposes, investigators can work under the IRB/ESCRO protocol of the core facility. However, as the investigator(s) develop their own research project, individual IRB/ESCRO approval for that investigator's project has to be obtained. MTAs for the cell lines must be obtained before independent work begins.

Read the "how to start" website if you or your PI needs information about working with Human Embryonic Stem Cells.

The HESCCF is located at the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine.

You may visit the Core at any time without an appointment. Simply sign in at the Sanford Consortium front desk.

If you are unfamiliar with compliance issues in hESC research, please go to "How to Start Your Stem Cell Research."



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