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Flow Cytometry


BD FACS Aria II Cell Sorter


Please contact Eric O'Connor to reserve

(858) 822-3244

The FACS Aria II Sorter is a digital sorter enabling high speed sorting and multicolor analysis. The instrument accommodates three air-cooled lasers and has a multicolor analysis of up to 15 parameters. It has digital acquisition rates of up to 70,000 events/second.


BD FACSCanto Flow Cytometer


Please contact Eric O'Connor for training and reservations.

(858) 822-3244

The FACS Canto Flow Cytometer combines a pattented optical design and manufacturer upgrades for simultaneous data acquisition of eight fluorescent signals, two scatter parameters, digital electronics for processing up to 10,000 events per second, and a novel sample injection system supporting carry over of less than 0.1%.

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